Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How not to handle a snake

Isabel and the nature documentary are a match made in heaven. Occasionally something will make her run out of the room, and not always the most predictable thing--"spiny flowers with eyes!", anyone? It's all I heard as she ran out--but she is pretty unfazed by the standard scary animals.

Today we saw some of Jeff Corwin's show on Arizona, which was mostly about SNAKES! As we were watching, I noticed Isabel was playing with her spaghetti more than usual (a felicitous choice of lunch), and heard her muttering about the "queen snake" and how you had to handle him "just right" and how he'd "squeeze his prey like this". (Pretty sure she was thinking about the king snake, but am not sure whether she misheard or was making a statement by changing it to a queen. It was still a "he". You decide.)
As Jeff moved on to the next animal, Isabel demonstrated the next step of snake handling.

The world may not be ready.

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yours truly said...

hahaha! I'll remember that next time I wrangle serpents!