Sunday, August 15, 2010

Soundtrack to the "wait and see" approach

Our house is mostly preschooler-proof. So, I've got a little leeway before responding to puzzling sounds. I've also got a helpful Spiderman narrator in Isabel. So this is what I heard from the kitchen, while sitting in the living room.

James: (patter, patter)
Isabel: "Hi, James."
James (I can tell this is James because Isabel hasn't learned to do this yet): (fwuhmp (refrigerator door opens), clatter clatter, crash, crinkle crinkle)
Isabel (musically): "Clean up, clean up, everybody do their share, clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere." (Repeated three times.)

At this point I stood up and walked to the kitchen, in time to hear:

James: (click (closes bluberry container))

There is not a single blueberry on the floor.

Isabel (to me): "More blueberries?"

Me: "Sure! I'll get two bowls."

I love that they got it cleaned up before I got there.