Thursday, February 12, 2009

Isabel cannot resist the Force

Isabel, attached to Mama like Superglue, has been detached and placed into a cushy red chair, whereupon she angrily protests all attempts to be distracted from the horror that is Being Separated from Mama. Cracker? Fling! Stuffed animal? Fling! Book? Isabel, about to fling, looks again, out of the corner of her eyes. It's "Where's Baby's Pumpkin?", a Karen Katz Halloween book. She makes a tense "eeee" sound, with all her teeth showing. Her hand attempts to fling, her wrist moves, but she is unable to follow through. Her arm draws the book inexorably towards her, and she sighs. She flips the pages, wiggles around in her chair, and looks at the pictures. Books--Fox kryptonite.