Thursday, April 5, 2012

Early morning self-sufficiency

(This post got lost in the drafts folder, and since we've had so many interesting episodes of cleaning up lately, it's fun to see one of James' early attempts. :))

This morning, Marco had to leave very early to go to the temple, so James was left to his own devices while Isabel and I slept. I woke to the sound of a low rustle, and padding steps, and to the lid to the garbage in the kitchen opening again and again. I came out, and saw James putting something small in the garbage, closing the lid again, and heading to the living room. On the floor was a new box of Cheerios, the cardboard around the top torn apart, with several small pieces of cardboard on the floor. James came in and got another piece of cardboard, and put it in the kitchen garbage can.
First of all, I'm glad he knew where to find breakfast, and that he tried to open the box even though it must have been difficult. And I LOVE that he was diligently cleaning up after himself! I helped him open the bag inside the box, and he poured his own Cheerios. He's on his third bowl now. :)

A story before bedtime

I’ve learned you can download past episodes of Lake Wobegon monologues from A Prairie Home Companion. It’s the next best thing to having someone read you a bedtime story. I love to listen to one just before I go to bed to read my own book. Now if I had just thought to make myself a cup of tea before I sat down and put on my earphones…