Monday, August 15, 2011

Sidewalk chalk in a plastic tub is good enough for me. However...

Isabel and James have discovered the marvel that is sidewalk chalk. (I saw an article about how to make sidewalk chalk (can't find the original, but here's one) and am afraid I reacted the same way I did when I heard about how to make marshmallows, that is, "Um, ready-made is good enough for me.")

James wears his blue chalk down to the nub making patches of intense short strokes, and huge, whole arm circles. Isabel scribbles and makes different sized circles and asks me write the names of everyone in the family as well as their alternate names (she's been fascinated that Mama and Daddy are also called Rachel and Marco). Then she wants a story. So, I draw a story about two rabbits who have a nice cozy dome-shaped house with a vegetable garden who like to go on boat trips down the river to the ocean, where they put up their sail and visit an island where the bunnies unpack their picnic lunch and then come back. The next episode involved bunnies in space. I kind of like sidewalk chalk too. I am a little tempted to make sidewalk paint, because the chalk makes my fingers feel so dry and shriveled, and because the paint looks pretty wonderful. And I have all the ingredients. Okay. I'm sold.

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wolfie said...

I love the bunny story! That link for the sidewalk chalk is rad. Totally going to do that with Skylar. Thanks!