Monday, March 1, 2010

More? Beaver? Okay!

Isabel's been picking up crayons and pens and offering them insistently at all adults who enter the house, saying: "More? (Supply animal here)? Okay!" This is a request to draw said animal on the easel in the living room. We've been getting a lot of requests for skunks lately, and beavers, but she's been a bit disappointed, it seems, with the beavers. (If you've seen my beavers, you probably wouldn't be as puzzled as I have been by this.)

So today, on the way to the stroller to head off to the park, Isabel grabs a palm-sized rock from our gravel driveway and says "Beaver!" triumphantly as she's packed into her side of the stroller. The rock was confiscated shortly before we got to the park because she was treating said beaver as a popsicle. So, once we arrived back home again, Isabel was barely released from the stroller before she plopped down in a w-sit on the driveway and gathered up more "Beaver!" with delighted smiles. Next time I watch Signing Time Volume 8, "The Great Outdoors", I'm checking out the beaver section. How much you want to bet there are a lot of rocks?

Isabel isn't the only one to find the idea of beavers somewhat elusive--when I was dating my husband, I had a hard time convincing him that beavers were real, and that, no, I was not making this up. I had to show him the article in the encyclopedia. It's pretty wonderful that there are still animals on the earth that defy belief.

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